Comment Mike Nelson: The Coral Reef, Tate Britain - 11/6/11

Hidden behind an unassuming door in a corner of Tate Britain, Mike Nelson’s Coral Reef installation invites visitors to explore a parallel world.

Comment Two Towers in Bologna - 04/21/10

The family towers in Bologna Torre Garisenda and Torre degli Asinelli. Built in the 11th century and 107m high.

Comment Frei Otto, Retractable Roof Bad Hersfeld - 03/18/10

Comment Cedric Price, London Zoo Aviary - 03/18/10

Comment St.Peter in Rome - 03/18/10

Interior of St. Peters in Rome. The viewpoint of the perspective is raised, in order to enlarge the space. People appear very small. Eques Carolis Fontana´s section drawing of St. Peter in Rome. More drawings of Sankt Peter to be found here:

Drawing of the cuppola with the scaffolding for painting the frescos. Michelangelos Plan of Sankt Peters

Comment Martin Kaltwasser and Folke Köbberling - 03/4/10

Comment Neue Reichskanzlei, Albert Speer - 03/4/10

Megalomania expressed by a door.

The door to the study of the Fuehrer. It is six meters high, constructed out of mahogany wood and German marble and decorated with the initials “A. H.”

Comment The Broken Angel Building in Brooklyn, N.Y. by Arthur Wood - 03/4/10

Mr. Wood has already completed many details that most people would leave until later. In the ”kitchen” (a dusty landing littered with tools), a piece of PVC pipe is built into the only wall. Peering through it, one’s eye is guided to another pipe in an exterior wall 20 feet away. Through these pipes the viewer can read the clock on the Williamsburg Bank more than a mile away. My kitchen clock said Mr. Wood.

Comment Ukraine Floating - 03/3/10