Comment Mike Nelson: The Coral Reef, Tate Britain - 11/6/11

Hidden behind an unassuming door in a corner of Tate Britain, Mike Nelson’s Coral Reef installation invites visitors to explore a parallel world.

Comment Two Towers in Bologna - 04/21/10

The family towers in Bologna Torre Garisenda and Torre degli Asinelli. Built in the 11th century and 107m high.

Comment Frei Otto, Retractable Roof Bad Hersfeld - 03/18/10

Comment Cedric Price, London Zoo Aviary - 03/18/10

Comment St.Peter in Rome - 03/18/10

Interior of St. Peters in Rome. The viewpoint of the perspective is raised, in order to enlarge the space. People appear very small. Eques Carolis Fontana´s section drawing of St. Peter in Rome. More drawings of Sankt Peter to be found here:

Drawing of the cuppola with the scaffolding for painting the frescos. Michelangelos Plan of Sankt Peters

Comment Martin Kaltwasser and Folke Köbberling - 03/4/10